Friday, May 23, 2008

Tech Crunch Prague - Let's start Webeena

Hi guys,

So, here it is. Our first public presentation of Webeena.
After literally month of sleep less nights, days of frustration and hours of joy when the problem was solved, we arrived to this point:
first public (and live) presentation !
Now we really have to launch it :)

When set up this path almost 10 month ago with Dan we knew it would be difficult, but we didn’t know how. We just knew that there is no one in the world that has done it yet and even Google chose the “easier” way, which is limiting in function. But we didn’t want to go for easier way, we wanted to go for ultimately and finally the RIGHT WAY !
Right way to create webpages, the right way to edit them, update, write components for them, etc.

And finally we are coming closer to it. What we do? And why is Webeena so unique ?


- WYSYWYG revolution – full unlimited wysiwyg everywhere (four browsers, two systems - mac and win)

- XHTML clean semantic output, pages are processed as XML, template changing preserve page content

- Webeena is open for template developers
Realtime HTML source preview

All of these enables you to create your own web in matter of second instead of minutes with the easy of “Mac inspired” easiness.
Yes, we have got really inspired by Mac, 37Signals and agile developement.
We love those and we hope you will see it.

So, today we have presented at Prague TechCrunch , thanks Jack for organizing, the technical preview of Webeena.
How did it go ?
Well, we were the fifth of ten minutes presentations in row. Everybody chose to present from powerpoint and some of those were really, really, really long. So when we announced “no power point” every was really happy and clapping their hands :)

Then we explained what Webeena is all about and how it started (may be other time I will write a post about it) and started the live demo. didn’t work, not on Jacks computer. Dan and Matej tried to solve it for couple of minutes and I was sweating and speaking in front of 200 hundred people which got me their attention, stopped to talk and now just waited to see this, supposivaly great, presentation and it didn’t work.
Oh, I heard nice comments about Bill Gates and his live presentation, etc.
Finally I decided to end this up and just invite everybody for drink (second applause :)), but some one, thanks for that, brought a Mac that DID work and we started the presentation.

I think it went pretty well and people were really watching it with interest, but small problem, but it turned out to be funny, started when I searched that guy’s Mac for jpg pictures to upload and show resize and crop. Let me just put it this way: there was a lot of NICE jpgs :) Everybody laughed for the third time and I think they will remember the presentation :)

Anyway, we finished the presentation, got nice applause. Spoke to John from Tech Crunch during our presentation and according to his words: “Webeena is so easy that even my grand mom could do a website there !” and it would look nice. I wonder how old his grand mom is, he seems to be fairly young, around 40 (yeh, it is now young for me gotta prepare for that age :)).

We generated a lot of interest from journalists, lot of them from US, from Google guys who were present, one of them actually said that: “I can’t imagine that web creation could get easier than with Webeena” - nice, thanks; and also a lot of questions and nice looks from general community.

So, thanks every one for that great presentation.
Don’t forget that we are looking for people to beta test and write components of their own software to Webeena through our REST based API and enjoy your life!


You will be able to follow us on Twitter soon and more articles about Webeena will be coming. Now see some screen shots.
Thanks Dan and thanks Peter :)

This is how you edit the page. Just type as in word and the web actually changes and you SEE it AS it IS on the web.

It's no problem to change your design. It's a matter of seconds as Webeena is all XHTML based. You can choose from tens of preset designs, create your own XHTML layout or just upload new design from
Do you want to change the colors of templates from green to red ? No problem, just drag the button and it changes automatically, yeh...

Real time XHTML preview. See what code you generate when you press the space bar, enter or write the text. This is really helpful if you want to be totally SEO :)

The actual address where you can see the source code for yourself is:

!!! Watch out, this is just a tech preview so the address will not exist in couple of days !!!

If you read all the way down here, you must be really interested. Wanna test and help us ?
Write me at testme at webeena com